Why did we decided for sports board game?

11. 8. 2021

We believe that our SuperAce Tennis stands out from the offer of board games not only on the Czech market. Why? Because of its simplicity, originality, fun and focus on both children and adults. But also because it is a sports game that truly copies the rules of the certain sport: in this case tennis. That's one of the reasons why our company wants to continue to focus on sports games.

Our vision is to attract children and adults to real sports and connect the two worlds through entertaining sports board games - as was the case with our founder. We'd like to learn the rules and laws of the sport through our games. We'd like to teach how to manage emotions, enjoy the victory, be able to accept defeat.

That is why we cooperate with Sportobchod.cz, one of the largest e-shop sellers of various sports equipment, and thanks to this partnership we can offer you discount vouchers for any sports equipment offered in their e-shop.
Vouchers of different value are prepared for different rewards.

In case of a successful campaign, we will send you the discount codes the week after the campaign ends, so you won't have to wait until the game is delivered.