The first game we have launched on the market and the first of the sports board games that figure in our production plan.

SuperAce TENNIS is a mechanical tabletop game.  Players “shoot balls” putting pressure on wooden pawns (tennis players) to flick a flat, slightly curved disc, which represents a tennis ball. The process is similar to the game Tiddlywinks.

The game mat stands for a tennis court and is made of a special material, the surface of which is ideal for propelling the ball and also its landing. The court, which is divided into several sections significant for the game rules has a net in the middle, just like in real tennis.

Game principles

Players attempt to shoot the ball over the net and place it into a section of the court where their opponent cannot reach it.  This is a box which is diagonal to the one the player is standing in.  A player can reach a ball that lands in boxes neighbouring the one he is standing in and tries to shoot it back over the net aiming for a section that is diagonal to the box his opponent is standing in and so out of his bounds. Each player always moves to where the ball landed and returns it from there. A ball shot into the triangular section right behind the net is an ace.

Just like in real tennis, the object of the game is to win points, games and sets. The rules and score counting are the same as in real tennis.  Also similarly to real tennis, players need to master the technical skills of serve and other strokes through training and practice.

The game components

SuperAce TENNIS comes in three designs that simulate a red clay, grass or indoor court. The game is packaged in a stylish tube box resembling a tennis ball tube.  Simply lay out the court mat on a flat surface, attach the net in the middle, place the pawns in the court and in a jiffy, you are ready to play.

Each game includes: 1 x game mat, 5 x colourful wooden pawns, 4 x balls, 1 x net, 1 x game rules booklet and a link to the mobile app download that will help you keep score and record game stats.

Entertainment and education

SuperAce TENNIS helps to develop and improve motor skills of children as well as adults and will surely entertain players of all generations. The game copies the rules of real tennis, providing the players with an authentic match experience comparable to the real atmosphere. The game can be played by 2 players as a singles match or 4 players as a doubles match. A tournament can be organized to include additional players.

In times when children and teenagers spend a lot of their time on computers, tablets and mobile phones, a game of such concept is very significant. It is educational, joins families and friends in live interaction, develops manual dexterity by improving fine finger motor skills and last but not least brings fun and positive vibes to all.  

Mobile application

To facilitate score-keeping, a special mobile app has been developed for the game for OS Android and iOS. The app can be easily downloaded using the QR code provided in the rule booklet.

In the app select a singles or a doubles match, a best-of-three or a best-of-five set match. You can enter players’ names of your choice, add photos and start playing.

The app tells you who is on serve, counts points, games and sets, and records the match duration. Using the app is very intuitive, you just swipe your finger across the display. The app analyses the performance of players, keeps track of aces and double faults, winners and errors. You can print the match summary or share it with your photo on social networks.