Limited edition: SuperAce Tennis Marek Taclík

2. 8. 2021

Czech actor Marek Taclík portrayed one of the passionate tennis players in our promo video. Why Marek? It is not that he himself is a tennis player or a passionate supporter of white sports - although in La Fabrika, Prague theatre, he plays the role of Roger Federer.

The path for him to play a role in our advert led through football, exactly Slavia, whose faithful fan he is, just like our guy Štěpán. Friends from the stadium and the pub, belonging to the same football clan, are supposed to help each other, so Marek said yes to our offer and became part of our story. We couldn't have wished for anyone better.

We believe that his presence will also contribute to the fact that we will be able to collect the target amount in the campaign and finalize the game production. By the way, Marek's favorite sport is cycling. We are currently testing a cycling board game, so if possible, we will be happy to offer Marek another role in the next commercial.

Marek will provide a limited edition of SuperAce Tennis which will be delivered in a maximum of 100 pieces, with a personal dedication on request. A photo from the shooting, signed by Marek, will also be included.